TV Tonight, October 1, 2015

The Ravens play tonight, so really, the rest of the TV schedule only matters for DVR purposes. There are several premieres tonight.

ABC: Shondaland night with Grey’s, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder

CBS: Raven vs Steelers. A must win game for Baltimore

FOX: season premieres of Bones and Sleepy Hollow

NBC: Heroes Reborn, season premiere of Blacklist, The Player

CW: repeats

Cable: IFC has new shows premiering:  Benders, a sitcom about hockey and Gigi Does It, a sitcom with David Krumholtz playing a 76 year old widow who inherits millions.

I will obviously be watching football. I will be recording Grey’s, Bones and Blacklist.

TV Tonight, September 30, 2015

Tonight there are a couple of returning shows and a series premiere. 

ABC: comedy lineup of The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family and Blackish followed by Nashville

CBS: Survivor, season premiere of Criminal Minds, series premiere of Code Black

FOX: Rosewood and Empire

NBC: Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order SVU, season premiere of Chicago PD

CW: night 2 of the iHeartradio Music Festival

Cable: ABC has new episodes of Young and Hungry and Kevin at Work

I will try Code Black even though it has received mediocre reviews because one day I’m hoping to find a medical show as good as ER. It probably will never happen, but I still have hope. Otherwise, it’s Survivor night for me. My favorite tv night of the week.

I watched Grandfathered and The Grinder last night. I really like both of them and will continue watching them. I think The Grinder has the most potential to be very good while Grandfathered could go either way. I’ve also seen Trevor Noah’s first Daily Show. I think he’s going to be good as the host. 

TV Tonight, September 29, 2015

A few more premieres tonight, so a little more to report. I will go back to the network by network list.

ABC: The Mulpets, Fresh Off the Boat, premiere of SHIELD, repeat of Quantico

CBC: NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, Limitless

FOX: premiere of Grandfathered, premiere of Grinder, Scream Queens

NBC: The Voice for two hours, Best Time Ever

CW: iHeartradio Music Festival

The new shows:

Grandfathered: John Stamos plays a philandering restauranteur who learns he has a son and a granddaughter. Josh Peck from Drake and Josh plays the son. I like Stamos and Peck and think this could be really good.

Grinder: Rob Lowe plays an actor who has played a lawyer on TV. He goes back to his home town and decides playing a lawyer on TV means he should be able to join his famil’s law firm. Fred Savage plays his brother. This might be the best new comedy in a while.

This is where Tuesday starts to get tricky for me. I have to record the NCIS’s for my wife when she is away, but there we two other shows each hour I want to watch. I have high hopes for both of the new Fox comedies and both have been well reviewed. I also love Fresh Off The Boat. I still watch Shield and liked the premiere of Scream Queens. So, I will have to record NCIS and one of the 8:30 comedies while recording the other on another TV. At 9, I will record the other NCIS and Shield while watching Scream Queens on an alternate TV. This is the only night of the week with enough decent shows  to cause a problem. 

TV Tonight, September 28, 2015

Nothing new premieres tonight, so nothing exciting to report for tonight. If you like reality shows you can choose between The Voice and Dancing with the Stars from 8-10. If you like comedy you can watch Big Bang Theory and Life in Pieces on CBS and the switch to CW for Whose Line. If you like nerds, follow up Big Bang with action nerds on Scorpion at 9. If you like cops you have several choices. Comic book cop Jim Gordon in Gotham on FOX, future precog cops on Minority Report, amnesiac helping cops on Blindspot, navy cops in LA on NCIS: LA and whatever Castle is helping cops on Castle. There’s also magic with Penn and Teller on CW at 8. Cable has finales of Chasing Life and Faking it and Awkward on MTV. The big news for today is that Trevor Noah starts his Daily Show late tonight. I will have to watch the repeat at 6:30 tomorrow evening because I’m old and tired. My house will be watching Gotham, Whose Line and Scorpion.

What’s on TV Tonight, September 25, 2015

Since I never have plans on a Friday night(why should now be different from high school) I’m happy there are good shows to watch on Fridays now.

ABC: Lasr Man Standing, repeat of The Muppets, Shark Tank, 20/20

CBS: Amazing Race, Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods

FOX: repeats of Minority Report and Rosewood

NBC: repeat of Best Time Ever followed by a two hour Dateline

CW: Masters of Illusion followed by repeats

Cable: TNT has Cold Justice, Lifetime has Bring It, Disney and Nick have new episodes of kids shows.

I  still love Amazing Race and I’m glad it has moved away from football delayed Sunday night. Last Man Standing is still a pretty good half hour comedy and I’m sill enjoying Blue Bloods. My wife still watches Hawaii 5-0.

I watched Limitless last night. We really enjoyed it. I like the main character and enjoyed the story. I’ve set my DVR to record the series.

What’s on TV Tonight, September 24, 2015

ABC: Shondaland night with Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder

CBS: Thursday Night Football

FOX: repeat of the Scream Queens pilot

NBC: two hour premiere of Heroes Reborn, The Player

CW: repeats of Flash and Arrow

Cable: nothing of note

As I type up these posts I realize how underwhelmed I am with the new offerings so far. There are a few more new shows coming that I plan to watch, but overall, I am not excited about the new shows this year. Tonight I will watch Grey’s and football. I might watch Limitless or something else on my DVR. Looks like I won’t have to worry about my DVR getting full this season.

What’s on TV Tonight, September 23, 2015

ABC – The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Blackish, Nashville

CBS – Survivor, Big Brother

FOX – Rosewood, Empire

NBC – Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order SVU

CW – America’s Next Top Model, Wicked Offer

Cable – Young and Hungry on ABC Family

One new show tonight and I know nothing about it except that it stars Morris Chestnut and is a crime drama. So, if you like Morris Chestnut maybe you should watch it. I will watch Survivor live. It’s the only show I still make sure to watch live whenever possible. I still love it. Otherwise, I’m recording a The Middle and Modern Family for myself and Young and Hungry for my daughter. I like the other ABC comedies when I watch them, but never got in the habit of watching them regularly. I’m shocked Mysteries of Laura was renewed. I though it was really dumb.

I watched Scream Queens last night. I really enjoyed the pilot episode. It was a lot funnier than I expected. I will have to watch it On Demand from now on, but I will keep watching. Being Ryan Murphy, though, I expect it will get really dumb really fast. I hope I’m wrong.