What’s on TV Tonight, September 21, 2014

I guess tomorrow is technically the big, official fall season kickoff, but one network has season and series premieres tonight.

NBC – football – Pittsburgh @ Carolina, hopefully a big Carolina win and another bad game for Rottenburger
CBS – 60 Minutes at 7:30, series premiere of Madame Secretary at 8:30(synopsis below), season premiere of The Good Wife at 9:30 and an encore of Madame Secretary at 10:30. These times are approximate as there will likely be football overrun.
ABC. – repeats
FOX – repeats
Cable – Boardwalk Empire on HBO, Witches of East End on Lifetime, Masters of Sex on Showtime, Manhattan on WGN

Madam Secretary – Tea Leoni as a former CIA agent who is unexpectedly asked to be Secretary of State. Also stars Tim Daly as her husband, Bebe Neuwirth as her Chief of Staff and Keith Carradine as the president. One of the best reviewed new shows of the season. I’m a fan of Leoni, so I will give it a try.

What to watch – watch the football game unless it is a blowout, though it is fun to watch the Steelers lose big. Record Madam Secretary and watch after you get bored with football. I’ve heard Good Wife is good, but I’ve never watched an episode.

What’s on TV To Tonight, September 19, 2014

I considered skipping today because there’s really nothing on TV until the fall season officially starts on Sunday. I decided to go ahead and do today and tomorrow anyway since I’ve already started the series.

NBC – Biggest Loser followed by a 2 hour Dateline NBC
FOX – repeat of the Red Band Society pilot followed by Utopia
CBS – Big Brother followed by repeats
ABC – all repeats
Cable – Fashion Police on E has a special Joan Rivers look back episode at 8. Disney has new episodes of Jessie and Girl Meets World.

If we can all agree on a movie, we will watch a movie instead of any of the above. If you missed Red Band Society, give it a shot. We enjoyed it. You could also consider not being boring like me and actually go out and do something on Friday night.

What’s on TV Tonight, September 18, 2014 plus a small review of Red Band Society

I’m combining the two because there’s not much on TV tonight. ABC and FOX have repeats. NBC has Biggest Loser and CBS has football. FX has the finales of Married and You’re the Worst and Project Runway is on Lifetime. Watch football.

I decided to give Red Band Society a try since there was nothing else on TV last night. The show is about of group of kids with illnesses that require long term hospitilaztion. It is narrated by a kid in a coma. There are many reasons to decide not too like the show. The hospital is too nice. The rich hypochondriac who lives in the hospital because he is leaving his money to it after he dies. The seeming lack of supervision of the kids and visitation by parents. But, the cast is good and the show is surprisingly funny and touching. Octavia Spencer is great as the nurse. I didn’t like it enough to give up other shows to make room in the DVR, but I will watch if there are no conflicts. Jessica really liked it and says she plans to watch it regularly.

What’s on TV Tonight, September 17, 2014

We are getting closer to the real start of the fall TV season. Two new shows premiere tonight. More on them later.

NBC – finale of America’s Got Talent where America will vote for a mediocre singer because they think he is cute followed by new show The Mysteries of Laura
FOX – Hell’s Kitchen at 8, new “sick is the new black” show Red Band Society
ABC – repeats. Nothing to see here
CBS – Big Brother, repeat of Criminal Minds and the finale of Extant
Cable – TNT has Legends and Franklin and Bash

I’m not too excited about either of the new shows tonight. Mysteries of Laura stars Debra Messing as a soon to be divorced mother of two twin boys. The previews look really bad. Really, really bad. Red Band Society is about a group of kids In a pediatric hospital wing. The Post actually says it is worse than Mysteries of Laura. I don’t buy that, of course this is the same guy who says Stephen King is a hack, so RBS might be the best show ever. I might watch the premiere since nothing else is on and report back.

The only show I will watch because I want to is Franklin and Bash.

What’s on TV Tonight 9/16/14

The fall season doesn’t really start until Sunday, but there are a few things on tonight, so I thought I would state early. Maybe I should do this every day since I can’t think of other stuff to write. So, here’s what’s on tonight.

NBC – America’s Got Talent – final six perform
FOX – Utopia, premieres of New Girl and The Mindy Project
ABC – Dancing With the Stars – first elimination show
Notable on cable – Sons of Anarchy on FX, Brickleberry premiere on Comedy Central

Really not much worth watching yet. I always lose interest in AGT after the auditions and totally lost interest this season when they eliminated some really good magicians to move through mediocre singers. I’ve heard Utopia is horrible and I’ve never watched an episode of Dancing With the Stars. I still haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy, so I’m waiting to catch up via Netflix or DVDs from the library once it is over. I watch New Girl, but am kind of meh about it these days. My advice – find a baseball game to watch, catch up on shows you have dvred or read a book.

May the Norse Be With You Part 2 – Aurland and Flam

We left Oslo on Sunday afternoon and headed for Aurland and the fjords(much more fun to say if you use the hard j). We stopped along the way a few times to enjoy the scenery and to cross a wobbly bridge. drive3

drive1 We got to Aurland later that afternoon and checked into our room. It was not really a hotel, just a place with apartments and cabins. We had a two bedroom with a kitchen and this view. hotelviewa

The next day we slept in a little and then did a long day with a 4 hour round trip boat tour of the fjord. boat boat2 The views along the tour were great and I was envious of the people who lived in the village on the water where no cars could reach. They have the longest life span in Norway, some say because of the purity of the water. After the boat tour, we did a round trip train ride from Flam to Myrdal and back. The train went up the mountain and past a waterfall. It wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it would be. We stopped at the waterfall for photo ops.train train2

We got back from the train very late, so that was it for the day.

The following day, we got up early and made the 2 hour drive to the glacier. To get to the glacier, we drove through a 24 km tunneltunnel There were three rest stops in the tunnel, i guess in case you wanted to take pictures or if you got nervous about being underground for so long and needed a break. We arrived at the glacier visitor’s center where we were told it was a 45 minute walk to the glacier. Once we got to the parking area to start the walk, we could see the glacier and couldn’t understand how it would take 45 minutes to walk there. Turns out the “walk” was over boulders, up rock surfaces and some areas where they had a rope for you to use to help climb. It wasn’t hard, but not what i would classify as a “walk”. It was worth it to see the glacier.glacier1 glacier2 glacier3 We stopped on the way back at a historical Stave Church stave1 and then went back to Flam that night to buy souvenirs and then prepared to head to our next stop.

May the Norse Be With You Part 1 Oslo

This year’s vacation was a trip to Norway as selected by our recent high school graduate. We headed out Thursday evening a flew overnight from DC to Olso via Newark. The flight wwent fine even with a very short layover in Newark. I was able to finally see Spiderman 2 on the flight and then actually slept a little.

We arrived at the Oslo airport Friday morning and was able to take a quick 19 minute train ride to the city center and to withing walking distance of the hotel. After checking in and resting for a little bit, we headed out to the Royal Palace for the changing of the guard. We stood there for a while and thought it would be a low key affair, but it turned out to be well worth the wait. These guards are also allowed to interact with you.  guard
From there we walked to Frogner Park were there were a lot of weird statues of naked people, then down to city hall, the pointing finger statue and the opera house. The opera house allows you to walk on the roof. It was beautiful at sunset.

cityhall frogner finger opera

The next day we went back to city hall to go inside and then took a ferry to the Viking Ship Museum and the Fram museum. Both very interesting. Probably my favorite part of Oslo.

inhall.fram viking

The next morning, before leaving we stopped at the National Gallery. We couldn’t take a picture of The Scream, but we did see work by many other famous artists, including Picasso.gallery


Will add more posts from the trip soon, with more description(hopefully).